About Us


At EpoxyShow.com. Our mission is to provide a creative experience in epoxy resin art with an up-to-date look at the world’s most amazing designs for beginners, fans, and experts’ trust. We want to provide an artistic space for everyone to enjoy individual resin art niches, or explore this style of art in general.

To guide you on your resin art journey, we’ve assimilated a variety of content for your pleasure and education. Articles with step by step procedures on how to get your first resin artwork close – if not perfect. Artist or Creator spotlight content featuring art pieces from well-known personalities, along with stories of what inspires them, how they approach their craft, and how others can share in this expressive art form. Product reviews that show you which tools are the right ones for your chosen resin art niche(s).

Our Philosophy

In life, we all seek to get better at what we do. We seek advice or consultation. As such,
we offer a forum where artists can exchange ideas and advance their opinions.

Whether your journey is just starting, or you have several years under your belt, you will find a vast assortment of tricks and tips to grow your craft further. Our goal is to keep you current with the changes in this ever-growing industry. We will present you with a combination of the fundamentals and the latest techniques used by amateurs and experts alike. We encourage networking hence the reason for this grand space where epoxy art lovers can converse and share ideas about all that is new in this industry. We live by the belief that “each one teaches another.”Again, welcome to our site. We hope you have a wonderful, immersive experience. And we hope you return frequently to see what’s new.

The Team @ EpoxyShow.